BSPB makes Egyptian Vulture research expedition to East Africa

The Bulgarian Society for the protection of birds has a conservation programm for the Egyptian Vulture.

As part of the project, members of the BSPB made a trip to Ethiopia to learn more about wintering Egyptian vultures there. They counted 1424 Egyptian Vultures. None of them had rings used to mark 52 juveniles during 2008 and 2009 in Bulgaria, indicating that most Egyptian Vultures from Bulgaria probably spend the winter somewhere else.

As in many areas around the world, the Egyptian Vulture shows a decline in the Afar region. The BSPB suspects the following causes leading to a decline:

  • Increased adult mortality due to poisoning in the wintering grounds in South Ethiopia and North Kenya;
  • Increased mortality as a result of illegal poaching along the migration route in The Near and Middle East;
  • Increased mortality in the breeding grounds;

The Egyptian vulture is one of the most endangered raptors in Bulgaria (and in Europe). In Bulgaria the population declined from 57 pairs in 2003 to only 31 in 2009. If the trend continues, BSPB fears that the species may be extinct in Bulgaria in 20-25 years.

For a more detailed report and for information about the BSPB Egyptiann Vulture conservation work, see here:
The Egyptian Vulture – What’s going on in Afrika?
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