Green Balkans Federation starts new project for Lesser Kestrel, Cinereous Vulture and Eastern Imperial Eagle

The organisation Green Balkans started a new project called “Conservation activities for EEC Birds Directive target species – Lesser Kestrel, Black Vulture and Imperial Eagle in their main habitats in Bulgaria”. The project is supported by the European union. (Black Vulture is another name for the Cinereous Vulture).

All the species are endangered in Europe. The main goals for the project are:

  • support and maintenance of the populations of rare bird species included in the EEC Birds Directive (79/409/ЕЕС) and their habitats
  • creating conditions for increasing their numbers and restoring their populations in their former habitats
  • reducing the conflict between the target species and the realization of investment intentions and projects
  • increasing the nesting success of the breeding Imperial eagles and Black vultures
  • improving the conditions for nesting of the target species
  • “ex-situ” activities for restoring the population of the Lesser Kestrel
  • identification of areas from the habitats of the target species sensitive to investment intentions
  • raising the public awareness on the aims and effects of raptor conservation and biodiversity protection in general
  • All three species were a lot more widespread on the Balkan in the past. The new project is an important steps towards securing and improving the future of those raptors on the Balkan.

    More information:
    Green Balkans Federation started a European project for the conservation of threatened bird species