New record year for White-tailed Eagles in Schleswig-Holstein (northern Germany)

Another great year for the White-tailed Sea Eagle in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost of the 16 states of Germany.
With only a few pairs in the 1970s, the Sea Eagle was close to extinction in West Germany. But since then, the population has increased dramatically and in 2009, 63 pairs occupied a territory. That’s an increase of 6 pairs compared to 2008.
54 pairs started breeding and 40 of them finished it and raised 68 young eagles. That’s 8 less than in 2008 but still a very good breeding success.
The population of the White-tailed Eagle (or Sea Eagle) was about 600 pairs in 2008 in Germany. It is very likely that this year the number will be even higher, especially when the results in other states are as encouraging as those in Schleswig-Holstein.

More information about the conservation of the White-tailed Eagle in Schleswig-Holstein can be found here: