New Spanish raptor book: Viaje a las rapaces

Recently, Tundra Ediciones published a new beautiful raptor book called “Viaja a las rapaces” (Journey to the raptors).
It is completely in Spanish. It is not a scientific work but still very interesting. It aims to “bring the emotions of watching raptors in the wild” to the reader.
Erything is beautifully illustrated with wonderful drawings.

The book is written and illustrated by Juan Varela and Víctor J. Hernández.

More information about the book can be found here:

Viaje a las rapaces

Upcoming Neotropical raptor to tour in Belize in August 2014

Belize, a small country south of Mexico is a fantastic place for watching neotropical raptors and other birds and animals like the Morelet’s crocodile.
It is a great place to see raptors like the Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Black Hawk-Eagle, Black-and-white Hawk Eagle, King Vulture, White Hawk, Aplomado Falcon, Orange-breasted Falcon and many more.
With some (or maybe a lot of) luck even Jaguar sightings might be possible.

A wonderful way to travel to Belize is with the great guys from the Belize Raptor Research Institute. They know the place like no other, have an in-depth knowlegde of the indentification and ecology of the local raptors and wildlife and actively do conservation work in Belize for raptors like the Solitary Eagle.
I was on a trip with them myself in December 2012 and it was spectacular with many raptors and other amazing sightings, great food, wonderful people and many fantastic experiences.

Their next trip is in August 2014. If you want to do Neotropical birding or raptor watching, this will be a fantastic trip.

More information:
Event: 2014 Belize Raptor Tour: An Experience of a Lifetime!

New German Hobby book with English summary

A new German book about the Eurasian Hobby is out.
It is written in German but has an extended English summary at the end.
It covers the Hobby in Carinthia (a state in Austria) but the information is relevant for everyone interested in the Hobby no matter where you live because it covers in detail the ecology and behavior of this fascinating little Falcon.
Of particular interested is the detailed description of the hunting behavior of the Hobby.

The author is Remo Probst, a leading raptor expert in Austria who has studied the Hobby and other raptor species like Goshawks, European Honey Buzzards and White-tailed Eagles for many years.


– Title: “Der Baumfalke in Kärnten. Eine inneralpine Studie zur Ökologie des Kleinfalken.”
– 256 pages., 81 pictures., 24 tables
– Complete biology incl. description of 800 hunting flights
– Extended English Summary!
– 21 € (+ shipping)
– Order:

Upcoming book: A Saga of Sea Eagles

A new book about one of Europe’s most spectacular birds of prey will be published very soon. It is called “A Sage of Sea Eagles” and is written by John A. Love and published by Whittles Publishing.
(Review below).

The book covers the following topics:

  • A personal account from the author’s own experiences, enriched with his photographs and illustrations
  • Summary of eagles, their classification and folklore focussing on the Sea Eagle group
  • Provides a background to the reintroduction of the White-tailed Sea Eagle to Scotland and the UK
  • Current status of Sea Eagles in the UK and the economic benefits

More information about the book can be found here:
A Saga of Sea Eagles

A Saga of Sea Eagles
A Saga of Sea Eagles

Update: Review of the book (December 28th 2013).

This is a wonderful book. Very readable and full of information about the biology and conservation of the White-tailed Eagle in the UK (and beyond).

The book has detailed chapters on the biology of the White-tailed Eagle. I really liked the overview of the Sea Eagles of the world and also the very interesting chapter on the prey of the White-tailed Eagle.

Persecution and extirpation of the species is also covered.

A large part of the book covers the reintroduction of the White-tailed Eagle in Scotland and the more recent projects in Ireland and East Scotland are also covered (the main focus is on West Scotland).
This is probably by far the most detailed account of this reintroduction program, the people involved and all the important steps that eventually lead to an established in increasing population in West Scotland.

The text is also full of personal stories of the author.

The book is easy to read and hard to put down once you start reading.

Highly recommend for everyone interested in the biology and conservation of the White-tailed Eagle or raptors in general.

First sighting of a Cinereous Vulture in the Eastern Balkan Mountains in more than thirty years

Green Balkans has recently reported the first sighting of a Cinereous Vulture in the Eastern Balkan Mountains in more than thirty years.
The Cinereous Vulture is one of the most endangred species in Europe and extremely rare everywhere outside of Spain.
Green Balkans and other NGOs keep working for it’s protection in south-eastern Europe.

More information:
A Black Vulture in Eastern Balkan Mountains for a first time for more than thirty years

The vulture conservation program of Green Balkans:
Vultures in Bulgaria