About Us

European Raptors was created as an online resource with three main goals:

  • As a tool to help with the identification of European raptors.
  • As a knowledge base covering the biology and ecology of European birds of prey.
  • As a platform to inspire, support, and document conservation efforts for protecting European raptors, as well as their habitat. 

We welcome any feedback and suggestions on how to improve European Raptors, and are planning to build a community of like minded individuals that share a passion for birds in general, and for raptors in particular. 

By working together we can secure the future of all our raptor species, and preserve them for future generations!

Markus Berger, Chief Editor

Markus Berger

Hi I’m Markus, and would describe myself as a passionate ornithologist specialized in the study of raptors. My professional background is in the natural sciences, and I’m working on this project during my spare time. 

I’m committed to teaching people about the different raptor species in our world, as well as their biology and ecology, and what we need to do in order to protect them.

Since raptors are positioned at the top of the food chain, they act as symbols for all of nature, and might even be viewed as ambassadors of wildlife. In other words, if our birds of prey are doing well, that’s a good sign for all of our wildlife, and for nature in general.

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching people about raptors, and inspiring them to protect these beautiful creatures.





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