New book: 10 years with the Golden Eagles

10 years with the Golden Eagles

10 years with the Golden Eagles

What do you get when you spend 10 years watching what is arguably Europe’s most regal bird? You get to know this animal better than most and experience many great moments in it’s often secret life.
This is what Francesco Framarin, past director of the Gran Paradiso National Park, did with Golden Eagles in the Italian Alps. The great news for Golden Eagle enthusiasts is that he doesn’t keep his observations to himself, but has published a wonderful book about his observations.

The book is bilingual. The first part is in Italian, the second part is the English translation. At the end are some spectacular pictures, including series of pictures of a fight between a Golden Eagle and a Bearded Vulture.

The author reports his own observations mixed with reports from other researchers or park wardens in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Very interesting are the detailed excepts from his field notes.

The book covers the life of Golden Eagles including the eagle’s flight, territories, life as a pair, rearing the chicks, hunting and encounters with other eagles and other raptor species.

Highly recommend for everyone interested in Golden Eagles.

Book details:

10 anni con le aquile reali e qualche gipeto
10 wears with the golden eagles and a few bearded vultures
Francesco Framarin
ISBN: 978-88-89706-88-6
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