New double CD: The Sounds of Raptors and Falcons

The Sounds of Raptors and Falcons

Ever wondered how an African Crowned Eagle sounds? Or the mighty Harpy Eagle? Or an African Gymnogene?

I recently received a new double CD “The Sounds of Raptors and Falcons” which contains more raptor calls than any other publication I know of.

103 species of raptors (45 of them Falcons) are on those new CDs. Many species are from Europe, but there are also a lot of species from around the world like American Kestrel, Shikra, Bald Eagle or Orange-breasted Falcon. Even very rare species like the Philippine Eagle can be found on the CDs.
The quality of the sound recordings is very good. For many species, several different calls are available. A great part of the CD is a very detailed coverage of the calls of the breeding cycle of the Red-footed Falcons.
The booklet contains all the information in German, English and French (I would have liked to also have it available in Spanish, but the Spanish names can easily be found on the Internet and for the European species, you can find them here on in the species accounts)

I really like this new publication and I highly recommend it if you are interested in raptor calls.

ISBN 978-3-938147-17-7
Price: EUR 17,95

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