Second edition of “The Golden Eagle” by Jeff Watson available

The Golden Eagle by Jeff Watson

The Golden Eagle, 2nd edition

The first edition of “The Golden Eagle” by Jeff Watson, published in 1997 is one of the best raptor monographs ever published. Now, the 2nd edition of the book is available.

Unfortunately, Jeff Watson couldn’t finish it himself as he passed away. A great loss for the raptor community.
The book has been completed by his family and friends. The main focus of the book is based on studies from Scotland, but information from continental Europe, North America and elsewhere is also included.

Jeff Watson’s book covers the whole natural history of this large and spectacular eagle. There is no better book on Golden Eagles.

This wonderful book is highly recommend for everyone interested in Golden Eagles in particular and raptors or birds in general.

More information can be found at the publishers website:
Poyser Monographs: The Golden Eagle by: Jeff Watson , Keith Brockie