Cycling tour for nature conservation from the Netherlands to Bulgaria

A 3,500 km cycling tour from Naardermeer Lake (the Netherlands) to the Sakar Mountain and the Black Sea coast has started to promote European nature conservation.
The tour was started on April 23rd, 2010 and was planned to finish on June 10th-11th.
The trip started in the Netherlands at the lake Naardermeer, which is one of the oldest nature reserves in the Netherlands and ends at the Sakar mountain range in south-eastern Bulgaria which is a stronghold for endangered species like the Saker Falcon and the Eastern Imperial Eagle.

The Bulgarian organisation Green Balkans, who runs many raptor and nature conservation projects in Bulgaria is a partner of this tour. Make sure to visit their website to learn more about raptor conservation in Bulgaria.
Also have a look at this interview:
Interview with Simeon Marin from Green Balkans about the conservation of Eastern Imperial Eagles, Lesser Kestrels and Cinereous Vultures in Bulgaria.

More information about the cycling tour can be found here:
Cycling tour in protection of imperial eagle!
A cycling tour of some 3,500 kilometres to promote the conservation of extraordinary nature in Europe