Juvenile Eastern Imperial Eagle shot in Austria

The population of the Eastern Imperial Eagle in Austria and neighbouring countries is still small and every bird that dies because of humans is one too many.

Although the breeding success in 2011 was the highest in Austria since the species came back as a breeding species (10 pairs, 7 successful, 14 young fledged), one of the juveniles has already been shot – and this was only detected because the bird hat a transmitter which was attached to the young eagle by Birdlife Austria as part of their conservation program of the Eastern Imperial Eagle.

This is very sad and a shame that something like this still happens in 2011. And it is not the first case of an illegally shot eagle. Since 2007 at least 4 White-tailed Eagles have been shot. And more eagles (both species) have been poisoned during the last years. And of course not all illegally killed birds are found.

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