New important publication about lead poisoning and raptors

Lead poisoning is a serious threat to many raptors like the White-tailed Eagle, Golden Eagle, Bearded Vulture or Steller’s Sea Eagle.
A new important German publication (with English summaries for every article) about this issue with a focus on the White-tailed Eagle is now available from the Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung in Berlin where Sea Eagle expert Oliver Krone and his team have been doing research on lead poisoning for many years.
The new book (more than 120 pages) was published after a conference on the topic in 2009 and has many papers about the feeding ecology, population dynamics and lead poisoning of the White-tailed Eagle and other species like the Bearded Vulture or the impressive Steller’s Sea Eagle.

This is a must read for anyone who is interested in lead poisoning and raptors.

More information about the book and important facts about White-tailed Eagles and lead poisoning is available here:

The table of contents of the new book is here (PDF):

A detailed and very good review in German of this publication written bei Dieter Haas can be found in this PDF: