New interview with Remo Probst about the White-tailed Eagle in Austria

White-tailed Eagle

White-tailed Eagle, Germany, June 2009, © Markus Jais

Few birds are as impressive as the huge White-tailed Eagle. The largest Eagle in Europe with a wingspan up to 245cm, the Sea Eagle, as it is also known, is always a spectacular sight.

Fortunately, today it is also a much more common sight than it was 40 years ago. Thanks to conservation efforts across Europe, plenty of prey and less persecution, the White-tailed Eagle has made an amazing comeback in many European countries. One of them is Austria where the species was completely extinct until in 1999 the first pair tried to breed again.
Today there are already between 13-15 breeding pairs and the future looks bright, despite losses through illegal poisoning or lead poisoning.

In a new interview, Remo Probst, one of the leading experts on the species in Europe, describes the current situation of this amazing eagle in Austria:

Read the full interview here:
Interview with Remo Probst about the White-tailed Eagle in Austria

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