Results from the National Raptor Survey in Hungary January 2010 available

The results from the national wintering raptor survey in Hungary for 2010 are available. The survey was done from 15.01.2010 to 01.17 2010.

245 observers covered an area of 9,600km².

The most important results:

Saker falcon was: 20 individuals
Peregrine: 20 individuals
White tailed eagle: 443-451 individuals
Eastern Imperial eagle: 125-127 individuals
Golden Eagle: 2 individuals
Greater Spotted Eagle: 1individual
The most common observed species: Common Buzzard, Common Kestrel and Hen Harrier.
Unexpected was one Black kite and 17 Marsh Harrier!

The survey was organised by the MME/Birdlife Hungary with successfully co-operation the Directorates Hungarian National Parks and other NGO-s.

The data were analysed by Hungarian Monitorong Centre of MME/Birdlife Hungary.

MME/Birdlife Hungary&MME/Birdlife Hungary Monitoring Centre.

Many thanks to István Balázs for sending the information to the Saker Falcon mailing list.

MME/Birdlife Hungary