Satellite tracking reveals high mortality in Lesser Spotted Eagles

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Lesser Spotted Eagle, Belarus, © Jochen Fünfstück

Bernd-Ulrich Meyburg, expert on Lesser Spotted Eagles and satellite tracking just uploaded a recent publication to his website

Meyburg, B.-U. & C. Meyburg (2009): High mortality rate in juvenile and adult birds: Causes of death in Lesser Spotted Eagles. Falke 56: 382-388

The paper contains details about the loss of both juvenile and adult birds as revealed by satellite tracking.

The Lesser Spotted Eagle is the most endangered raptor in Germany and is considered “critically endangered”. Bernd-Urlich Meyburg and many other people haven been working for many years to protect this small eagle, using innovative methods like saving the 2nd born young by taking them out of the nest, raising it by hand and later putting it back into the nest when the aggression between the siblings is over. This helps to increase the breeding success in a population where every individual counts.

A lot more papers and information about Lesser Spotted Eagles, Greater Spotted Eagles and other raptors can be found on Bernd-Ulrich Meyburg’s website: