Sea Eagles could return to England in the near future

The White-tailed Eagle (or Sea Eagle) is the largest eagle in Europe. In the UK, the species was persecuted to extinction. England lost the large raptor in the 19th century and in the 20th century, the last Sea Eagle was killed in Scotland.
Since then, the impressive bird was reintroduced successfully to western Scotland with more than 40 territories occupied in 2009. A new project for eastern Scotland started releasing birds in 2007.
Fore more about the project’s progress, see the Sea eagle project newsletter 2008 .

Now, the White-tailed Eagle could also return to England. The RSPB and other organisations hope to reintroduce the species to England at the Suffolk coast. According to the RSPB, it could take decades or even centuries until the birds recolonise England on their own from Scotland.
A study found the area at the Suffolk coast to be suitable for Sea Eagles. Now, the next step is to start an open debate on how to proceed. The project can only be successful of the local people support it, including farmers and hunters.

For more information, check out the following article on the RSBP website:
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