Support the Belize Raptor Research Institute and raptor conservation in Belize

The small neotropical country Belize is home to many rare and endangered animals like the Jaguar and raptors like the Harpy Eagle, Black Solitary Eagle and others.

The Belize Raptor Research Institute (BRRI) works to learn more about the raptors in Belize and to protect them.

The BRRI work on several projects on the moment, incl:

1) The Hawk-Eagle Program
A project to study the Black Hawk-Eagle, Ornate Hawk-Eagle, and the Black and White Hawk Eagle. Not much is known about those species and everything the BRRI researchers can learn will help to protect those species.

2) The Solitary Eagle Project
The Black Solitary Eagle is a rare and hard to identify species found only locally across Central and parts of South America. The BRRI launched the Solitary Eagle Project in Belize as an effort to better understand this poorly known species, which is suffering from population declines for unknown reasons.

3) The Stygian Owl Project
This is another species about which not much is known. The BRRI has launched a study that will determine diet habits throughout the different seasons, relative density, habitat utilization, movement patterns, home-range and dispersal patterns of Stygian Owls.

You can learn more about the BRRI on their website and there you can also make a donation (see the “Donations” link at the top menu bar).

Belize Raptor Research Institute

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