Three dead Golden Eagles found in Scotland

Last week, three dead Golden Eagles, one Common Buzzard and one Eurasian Sparrowhawk were found on an estate in Scotland. The bodies have been sent for toxicology analysis at the government laboratory in Edinburgh.
Poisoning is the most likely cause for the death of those raptors. To quote the Raptor Persecution Scotland blog:

“Now, unless those THREE golden eagles all died of old age at the same time on the same estate, and the buzzard and sparrowhawk died of a heart attack at seeing the dead eagles, I think it’s fair to assume that the toxicology results will prove to be positive and that these eagles, the buzzard and sparrowhawk have been illegally killed by someone with access to poison”.

I completely agree. This is not a natural phenomenon. And it is very sad that such things still happen. More information can be found here:
3 golden eagles & other raptors found dead on Skibo Estate, Sutherland