Hungarian Saker Falcon in Spain

The Saker Falcon Falco Cherrug is a globally endangered raptor species. In Europe, there are only about 450 breeding pairs. During the last years, the populations in Hungary, Austria and Slovakia have increased.
In order to learn more about the endangered falcons and the biology, some birds in Hungary have been fitted with a satellite transmitter. This allows to gain exact knowledge about the movements of the birds. If a bird dies, the cause of death can often be found out. This provides crucial information for conservation projects.

Detailed information about the work can be found on the project’s website.

A very interesting dispersal route was taken by one female Saker Falcon who moved to Spain and has already spend some time there (the bird appeared there in early August).

This shows that a Saker Falcon who is seen far away from it’s breeding area in eastern Europe is not always an escaped falconry bird.

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