Raptor conservation online survey

Raptor researchers Santiago Zuluaga Ph.D(s) and Juan M. Grande PhD. have started an online survey about raptor conservation.

They write:

“We are working in a general study to assess the viewpoints of raptor researchers about raptor conservation across the world.

We would like to ask you to fill out an online survey. It will take you a few minutes but we think the results may help us to focus on different aspects of raptor conservation worldwide. Please, we also encourage you to share it with other researchers that could be interested in the topic.

We divided the survey in four, one focused on Old World and New World vultures, one focused on the remaining Accipitridae (Hawks, Eagles, Kites, Harriers, etc.), another is focused on Falconids (Falcons and Caracaras), and finally one focused on owls. All four surveys are very similar but have small differences. We suggest you complete the ones of the groups that you know better, but if you work with different groups and want to complete more than one group it’s ok.”

The surveys are:

Old World and New World vultures https://forms.gle/iu8uDsDKyAMgFQ5c6
Hawks and eagles https://forms.gle/xT8nVf9M1sEJ8THJ9
Falconids https://forms.gle/K2r7wP2LADAhfdqT8
Owls https://forms.gle/vD1kjdJYmfVatX2w9

If you’re a researcher or work in conservation, you can fill out these forms until December 1st.