Upcoming Red Kit international symposium in France, October 17-18th

LPO (Birdlife France) is hosting an international symposium on the Red Kite on October 17-18th. The conference will be held in Montbéliard (eastern France).

Here is the text from the official invitation by the LPO:

And what if the
symbol of European
conservation were
the Red kite ?

Its distribution is limited to the old continent, a bird which is impressive yet delicate, wayfaring but also sedentary, found in
both Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions, in forests and meadows where it has been hard hit by the EU agricultural policy
and the choices our society makes with respect to our lifestyle.
The beginning of the 21st C. has put serious pressure on this species.
All kinds of threats, some yet to be understood, are taking a heavy toll on the European population. To offset this
situation, Red kites have been reintroduced to Great Britain and Tuscany, Italy ; in Switzerland they have
been fitted with Argos satellite transmitters ; in Spain wing tags are monitored ; in France feeding sites have been
established, in Germany the impact of wind farms are monitored, etc. To exchange knowledge about this
species and share ideas for future collaborative plans, we are pleased to invite you to the first international
symposium in the framework of the French Restoration Program for Red kite which will take
place in Franche-Comté, eastern France in the heart of the European territory of the Red kite, on October, 17 and
18th 2009.

LPO Franche-Comté team

The following two pdf files contain more information, the list of proposed presentations and a registration form.
Red Kite International Symposium
Registration Form