Saker Conference in Hungary, September 2010

A Saker Falcon conference will be held from 15th to 19th of September 2010 in Hungary. In September 2010, a big Saker Falcon conservation program, supported by the European Union will come to an end. A lot has been achieved during this project from 2006 to 2010 and the results will be presented at the conference.

In the conference, the following topics are planned to be covered:

  • Reviewing recent population figures and trends in Europe
  • Reviewing endangering factors
  • Thematic presentations on practical conservation activities and experiences related to Saker conservation based on findings of the LIFE project (e.g. habitat analysis to identify key factors for the species; analyses of temporary settlement areas and wintering sites to map mortality factors; conservation of prey species like Suslik; electrocution: surveys, insulation, monitoring; disappearing nesting sites; other human threats: shooting, nest robbing, trapping, poisoning (surveys, egg analysis, etc.)
  • Importance and possibilities of communication and PR related to Saker conservation (co-operation with media; farmers; hunters and falconers)
  • The conference is open for anyone interested.

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