Raptor Links

Birdlife International
A global partnership of conservation organisations that work to protect birds and their habitat.

The Peregrine Fund
A NGO working in many countries and continents to conserve Birds of Prey.

Global Raptor Information Network
Great website with lot’s of information about the world’s raptors. Developed by The Peregrine Fund.

Raptor Information System
Keyworded catalog of over 33,000 references about the biology and management of birds of prey.

The Golden Eagle Trust
Reintroduction of Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagles and Red Kites to Ireland.

Alzando el vuelo
The website of SEO/Birdlife Spain about the conservation of the Spanish Imperial Eagle. (in Spanish)

Raptor Protection Of Slovakia
Raptor Conservation in Slowakia.

Scottish Raptor Study Groups
Great website about raptor monitoring in Scottland.

Natural Research Projects
A wonderful website about research projects about eagles and other raptors.

Middle East Falcon Research Group

Conservation of Saker Falcons in the Carpathian Basin

Green Balkans
Nature Conservation on the Balkan (incl. several raptor projects)

Conservation of Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon in Bulgaria

Conservation and Research of the Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria

Mission Rapaces – Raptors in France

Projektgruppe Seeadlerschutz

HoverOverUs – A great website about the Short-toed Eagle

The International Centre for Birds of Prey

Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre

Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) On the Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia

Raptor Research
Many publications on raptor research, satellite tracking, Spotted Eagles and more.

International Bearded Vulture Monitoring

Raptor Persecution Scotland

Raptor Politics

Raptor links for regions outside of Europe

African Raptors – The online home of African Raptor interestsRaptors of South America