Global Raptor Information Network (GRIN) – the world’s leading resource for raptors was inspired by the Global Raptor Information Network (GRIN). Like, GRIN has detailed information about raptors. But while this website only focuses on Europe, GRIN has detailed information about all diurnal raptors of the world, including such spectacular species like the Harpy Eagle or the African Crowned Eagle.
On GRIN, you can search by species or country and find the raptors you are interested in. GRIN has many links to other websites. Unique to GRIN is the possibility for raptor researchers and experts to sign up and create a home page on GRIN. This makes it easy for other researchers to find experts on a species.
And GRIN has a huge bibliography about raptors. At the moment (November 2009), it contains more than 41,000 records on diurnal raptors, and new records are being added daily.
If you like raptors, make sure to visit GRIN: